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Most people know that traffic violations carry a fine for offenses such as speeding, running a stop light or stop sign, and expired inspection stickers but there are also more serious offenses such as driving with a suspended license which carries an automatic 90 days in jail. Whatever traffic violations you find yourself facing, Damon C. Hopkins can help. Traffic violations don’t just bring expensive fines and costs; they can also carry points on your driver’s license and sometimes suspensions of your license. If you don’t know what you’re facing it can be disastrous, and the police don’t have to tell you.

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Speeding Tickets, Expired Inspections, and Other Traffic Violations

If you are cited for careless driving, you will get three points on your license, and once you get 6 or more points on your license, you have to attend PennDOT’s safe driving school or you lose your license. If you get 11 or more points, your license will be taken away permanently. If instead you were cited for reckless driving, you would get assessed a fine and costs and no points on your license. At this point, you might think the officer was helping you out. However, a few weeks later you would get a notice from PennDOT telling you that your license was going to be suspended for three months. People get tricked like this all the time, don’t let it happen to you.

Points on your license can raise your insurance, getting caught driving while your license is suspended will cause it to be suspended even longer, or it might mean you have to go to jail. Traffic violations are severe and can cost you a lot of money in the long run. When you take an experienced attorney with you to traffic court, you have the best chance possible to avoid costly points, fines, and suspensions. Attorney Hopkins has been handling traffic cases for over 22 years.


So you went it alone, got convicted, and maybe even got your license suspended? It may not be too late for you. Call Attorney Damon C. Hopkins right away; if your case is less than 30 days old, we can file an appeal from your conviction and your PennDOT license suspension, so we can handle it correctly. Attorney Hopkins may still be able to save you the costs, fines, points, and suspensions.

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