Hopkins Law Erie – Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD)

Good News for First-time Offenders

Pennsylvania has a diversionary program for certain first-time offenders called ARD, which stands for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition. Erie, North East, and Corry, PA DUI Defense Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer, Damon C. Hopkins understands the rules of this program. In exchange for abiding by the requirements of the ARD program, the accused can earn a complete dismissal of the criminal charges. You must consult with an attorney as early as possible after your arrest, as timing is critical.

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Potentially Erase Your Criminal Record

Many potential employers and schools now require that you subject yourself to a criminal background check before they even consider you for a position or admission. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you may find it difficult to pursue the career or educational opportunity of your choice. Fortunately, when you successfully complete the ARD program, you are eligible for an “expungement” of your criminal record. That means we may be able to erase all record of your arrest, including your fingerprints, mugshot, police reports, and subsequent conviction and sentence information.

To erase a Misdemeanor or Felony conviction, you must have been admitted to the ARD program, or another diversionary program and completed it appropriately.

A summary offense can be expunged, regardless of whether you went through a pre-trial program, so long as the conviction is at least five years old and you have not had any new convictions.

Other Alternative Disposition Programs

Erie County has two other specialized programs to help those accused of offenses who are addicted to illegal narcotics or who have mental health conditions for which they need treatment. Erie County Drug Court and Erie County Mental Health Court are options that may be available to persons accused of non-violent offenses and who have drug addictions and mental health issues in need of treatment. These programs allow you to avoid jail while getting you the treatment you need for your problems. Contact Attorney Hopkins today to see if these programs are right for you.

NOTE – There are UPDATED PennDOT Forms for Pennsylvania DUI & ARD Clients