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Damon C. Hopkins has been practicing law since 1995 everywhere in Erie County, including North East, and Corry, PA. After years of nasty family litigation, he is genuinely delighted to represent clients using the collaborative process. His goal has always been to leave a client in a better position than when he first met them.

During the collaborative process, both parties work together with their collaborative attorneys and other professionals to resolve all their issues. The process resolves divorce, custody, support, and property division issues, while causing less emotional discomfort for everyone involved.

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The Process and Goals of Collaborative Law

In collaborative law, a respectful, creative effort to meet the legitimate needs of both parties and their children replaces positional bargaining backed by a threat of litigation. Each client has built-in legal advice and advocacy during negotiations, and each attorney is committed to guiding the clients toward reasonable resolutions. The goal of the collaborative process is to:

  • Create an environment where each party can have his/her legitimate needs met

  • Assist the parties in gathering all necessary information and analyzing that information in developing choices and options

  • Assess all options and determine the consequences of each

  • Guide the parties in developing settlement proposals

  • Help the parties negotiate a durable and lasting agreement

Attorney Hopkins offers you the ability to handle your family law issues using the collaborative process. Using collaborative law allows your family to stay out of court.

Using Collaborative Law for Separation, Divorce, Custody, and Support Cases

The decisions made by the court system rarely ever equal what either person wanted. The last thing anyone should ever want is for a stranger to make decisions about how your children should be raised, or how your hard earned assets should be divided. All too often, a family law case becomes “nasty” due to the nature of the court based legal system. Make sure Damon C. Hopkins is there to represent you correctly and respectfully when it comes to settling family disagreements, including:

  • Separation

  • Divorce

  • Abusive relationships

  • Prenuptial agreements

The cruelty of separation and divorce can lead spouses down the wrong path, encouraging them to oppose one another and to give the responsibility for decision-making to their attorneys and the court. Using collaborative law, Attorney Hopkins provides information and guidance to help you and your spouse develop mutually beneficial solutions for a separation or divorce.

Divorces, separations, and premarital agreements all deal with money, but custody cases deal with children. Working things out with the other parent through the collaborative process benefits you and your children. Figuring out what’s best for the child/children is what everyone prioritizes in the collaborative process. With the help of Attorney Hopkins, you can guarantee a better outcome for everyone involved by using the collaborative law process.

For more information on the principles of collaborative law check out the “Principles of Collaborative Law” (PDF) and the “Handbook for Potential Collaborative Clients” (PDF).

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