Drug Offense

Hopkins Law Erie – Legal Representation Against Drug Offenses

Drug cases, especially those involving meth, marijuana and prescription medications, seem to be on the rise. Whether the increase is due to a higher level of police diligence or a growing pattern of use, charges relating to possession, manufacturing, and distributions of drugs can have serious consequences in Erie County, including Edinboro, North East, Corry, Girard, and other surrounding townships. At the Erie, Pennsylvania office of attorney Damon C. Hopkins contact us right away to preserve your rights.

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You Have a Right to Legal Representation

You have the right to have an attorney at every stage of the process. Whether you or a loved one is the subject of an ongoing investigation, have been arrested for a drug crime, or have received criminal charges in the mail, you are entitled to seek the advice of an attorney. Even if you have tried to go it alone, you still have the right to an attorney at any point in time.

Consequences of Committing Drug Crimes

Consequences for drug crimes involving drugs such as marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine or even prescription drugs are severe. If convicted, you could be facing lengthy incarceration, probation, and or fines. We strive to make sure that you get the help and assistance necessary to free yourself from any drug or alcohol addiction so that you can move on from this mistake. When appropriate, we will provide referral information to treatment programs in your area.

College Students and Juveniles

Young people often find themselves in situations involving drugs and alcohol. The opportunity and pressure to make poor choices, such as drug use or driving under the influence, is regularly present. Consequences of conviction often mirror those given to adults. We work with families to decrease the impact today’s choices may have on tomorrow’s future. We represent students, not only in drug cases but at school administrative hearings as well.

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